Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Reading Room: FLASH GORDON "Chapter One: Treachery in Torneo"

Most people don't remember (or never knew) about this bit of comics history...
...when Marvel tried what Dynamite is currently doing, reviving the King Features Syndicate adventure characters in comic books!
To Be Continued
Next Week!
Of the three characters' (Flash Gordon, Mandrake, and The Phantom) series, this one was the best, featuring the one-time-only dream team of Mark (Xenozoic Tales) Schultz and Al (Do we have to tell you?) Williamson working on one of their favorite characters in a true labor of love!
Look for various "Easter eggs" and tributes to Flash Gordon history, like the spaceship on the first couple of pages, which is the one Flash, Dale, and Zarkov flew from Earth in the first Buster Crabbe movie serial!
BTW, if you want more Williamson Flash Gordon (and who wouldn't?), check out our re-presentation of his comic adaptation of the 1980 movie... clicking here...

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