Friday, May 20, 2016

Reading Room CLIFF HANGER "Chapter One: Jungle Peril"

It's the weekend, so, since comic book heroes will dominate the cinemas for most of the summer...
...let's revive the tradition of movie serials, but in comic book form!
Written by Bruce Jones and illustrated by Al Williamson, this backup strip from Pacific Comics' Somerset Holmes #1 (1983) perfectly conveys the fun and excitement of 1930s-40s movie serials!
Note: this chapter was reprinted (in b/w) in Insight Studios' Al Williamson Adventures (2003), but it's not listed on GCD, nor can I find a copy to check if the remainder of the series was reprinted in that volume.
Bonus: a photo feature about the creatives working on both the lead Somerset Holmes tale and Cliff Hanger!
As we said, be here next Friday...

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