Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Reading Room TALES OF THE WATCHER "Why Won't They Believe Me?" let's look at the expanded and enhanced rendition!
Scripted by Stan (the Man) Lee, penciled by Gene (the Dean) Colan, and inked by Paul (no nickname) Reinman, this double-length version of the story from the back of Marvel's Silver Surfer V1 N3 (1969) has a lot more humor and a bigger build-up to the switch-ending than the original.
BTW, almost all the "Tales of the Watcher" that appeared during the Silver Surfer book's 48-page incarnation (which lasted for the first seven issues before becoming a "regular" 32-page magazine) were expanded re-dos of shorter Atlas-era stories!
The exception was the first tale which was a re-do of the origin of the Watcher's race from the original run of Tales of the Watcher when it backed-up Iron Man in Tales of Suspense until a brand-new Captain America strip took over the second slot.

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