Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reading Room FLICK FALCON IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION "Return to Mars", unarmed, and with Adele by his side, Flick prepares for another journey through space.
Writer-penciler Don Rico's wild imagination goes full-speed, combining science fiction and fantasy elements with equal aplomb in this never-reprinted tale from Fox's Fantastic Comics #2 (1940).
It's interesting to note the three-armed slavers introduced last time aren't native to Mars, as Flick thought, though no mention is made about whether the giants they control are Martians or not. 
Also rather odd for a kids' story is the fact that sexual attraction can be used to break the alien slavers' control!
Inker Claire Moe (who usually scripted, penciled and inked her own material for Fox, Centaur, and Novelty), helped out probably due to a tight deadline.

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