Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reading Room WEIRD FANTASIES "Life Battery"

Though this may look like an EC Comic from the 1950s...
Art by Landon Chesney's actually a one-shot underground comic from the 1970s.
"Eando Binder" was the pen-name for the writing team of Earl and Otto ("EandO", get it?) Binder, whose tale from Startling Stories' July 1939 edition served as the basis for this adaptation by writer Bill Spicer and artist Landon Chesney.
Chesney was one of the major contributors to the just developing comics fandom in the 1960s, contributing art to numerous short-run pamphlets and magazines, including the covers to Fantasy Illustrated 1 & 3, but not 2, where this story appeared.
He never turned pro, and passed away in 2001.
While this version (with some superb color work) appeared in Los Angeles Comic Book Company's underground one-shot Weird Fantasies #1 (1972),  it originally appeared in b/w form in the fan/prozine Fantasy Illustrated #2 (1964), published by Bill Spicer.

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