Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Reading Room CRUSADER FROM MARS "Death in the Soil"

We've presented almost all the tales of the short-lived Crusader from Mars...
...and now, at long last, here's the only one we haven't run!
Illustrated by Henry Sharp, and probably written by editor Jerry (Superman) Siegel, the second story from Ziff-Davis' Crusader from Mars #1 (1952) continues the theme that the major example of "Evil on Earth" Tarka and Zira must battle is Communism!
Though the adventures of the earlier Ziff-Davis Martian, Lars of Mars, have been reprinted several times (including a 3-D adaptation), the saga of the Crusader from Mars has been kept from the eyes of a sci fi-loving audience for over 60 years!
We've corrected that oversight with a complete re-presentation of his too-brief stay on Earth...
"Death in the Soil"
BTW, isn't it a shame there was never a Lars/Crusader crossover?

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