Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Best of Reading Room: GULLIVAR JONES "Wasteland on a Weirdling World"

Art by Gil Kane and Joe Sinnott
...but who could fill you in better than our currently-helpless hero himself?
Ross Andru, right before beginning his stint on Doc Savage, came on for Marvel's Creatures on the Loose #18 (1972), the third chapter of the short-lived, never-reprinted, comic adaptation, replacing Gil Kane, who continued to do covers.Gerry Conway and science fiction writer George Alec Effinger take over the scripting from Roy Thomas, who plotted the story arc and remained as editor.
One of the major problems this series faced was only having 10 pages every two months to tell the story.
And, because it was a bi-monthly, the writers felt compelled to recap not only the previous issue, but the entire story, which ate into the page count for a given issue's tale!
Had Marvel given the series a 15-page or full-book page count to work with (or 10 pages in a monthly title), the series might have gained more of an audience.
But only ten pages of story every two months was, apparently, too little to hold the audience's interest.
As it is, we're already midway thru the too-brief color comics run.

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