Saturday, January 16, 2016

Reading Room OUT OF THIS WORLD "From All Our Darkrooms..."

Here's a tale we couldn't tell in today's world of digital photography...
...but until a couple of years ago, it was quite plausable!
Though set in 1972, this tale from Charlton's Out of This World #4 was published in 1957!
Wonderfully-rendered by Steve Ditko at his moodiest, the story was most-likely scripted by Charlton workhorse Joe Gill.
The "negative" effect was achieved by simply making negative photostats of parts of the original art and pasting them onto the art boards before photographing them for color separations.
To demonstrate, here's the printed cover...
...and here's the b/w original art with the caption and negative photostat removed...
You didn't think Ditko inked the right side as "negative space", did you?

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