Saturday, December 5, 2015

Don't Ya Just LOVE Christmas?

It's great to be in love!
It's even better to be in love at Christmas Time!
There's something about the scent of evergreen, the twinkling lights, the jollyness of the season that makes romance even better!

If your loved one is both an incurable romantic and a fan of pop culture kitsch, you can't go wrong with one of Atomic Kommie Comics™ funky True Love Comics Tales™ collectibles! Besides the usual t-shirts and tchochkies, we also offer matching intimate tops & bottoms and other cute clothes for the fairer sex!
PLUS: we have a kool 12-month calendar featuring the best of our collected covers! (It's cheaper than flowers or candy and much longer-lasting!)

So give us a look at True Love Comics Tales™!
Then give her (or him) a kiss under the mistletoe for us!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Reading Room: TREASURE CHEST "A Christmas Carol"

There have been numerous comic adaptations of this Dickens classic tale...
...but this version is probably the shortest I've ever seen!
The Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact was a comic published bi-weekly during the school year (September thru June) and distributed to Catholic churches and schools from 1946 to 1972, featuring wholesome stories about historical, scientific, and sports subjects, adaptations of famous fictional works, and a number of original series.
(Click HERE to read "Kidnapped by a Spaceship", one of the sci-fi series that appeared in the book.)
Many well-known Golden and Silver Age creators contributed work to the title including Joe Sinnott, Reed Crandall, Jim Mooney, Graham Ingels, Bernard Bailey, Bob Powell, Fran Matera, and Frank Borth,
It became a year-round bi-weekly from 1966 to '68 (mailing summertime copies to kids' homes), reverting in '69 to school year-only until it's cancellation in 1972.
This adaptation appeared in Vol 2 #9 (Dec. 24, 1946).
I believe the artist is Mabel Olsen, whose signature is visible in the next-to-last panel of the last page.
Support Small Business this Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Reading Room ADVENTURE COMICS "Wings of Jealous Gods"

In 1972, Supergirl moved from Adventure Comics into her own title...
...and DC decided to restore Adventure to its' original anthology format.
The first issue (425) featured the kool Mike Kaluta cover seen above, along with a never-reprinted, high-adventure story illustrated by a Golden Age pro who had moved to the animation field, but still kept in touch with his comic book roots...
Alex Toth made a brief return to DC in 1972-73, doing stories for several titles, including Adventure (where he did a two-part Black Canary back-up tale several issues earlier), Detective, and Our Fighting Forces.
Toth would do one more tale for Adventure Comics during this period; "Is a Snerl Human?", which we presented HERE.
(If you want to see all the Alex Toth stories we've presented, click HERE.)
Lynn Marron scripted several tales for both DC and Warren in the early 1970s before disappearing from comics...but not from writing!
She's the author of several ongoing mystery e-book series available on Amazon.
Check out her website HERE.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's Crime Time at Christmas Time!

Ah, Christmas...
What do we at Atomic Kommie Comics™ think of?
Peace on Earth!
Good Will towards Men!
25-to-Life at Sing-Sing!
Yep, you heard right!
For a subject-specific gift for the lawyer, or other legal professional in your life, the crew at Atomic Kommie Comics™ suggests you have a look at the Daring District Attorneys and other Legal Eagles section of our Crime & Punishment™ collection, featuring the long-running radio/tv character Mr. District Attorney!
Inspired by the racket-busting exploits of New York City DA Thomas E. Dewey (who later became Governor of New York State), law student-turned radio writer Ed Byron created a nameless "everyman" DA who maintained law and order in an unnamed Big City (implied to be NYC).
The stories, while rarely based on actual cases (like rival show GangBusters) followed actual legal procedures to the letter, even introducing CSI-style "lab boys" to analyze evidence and present testimony during courtroom sequences!
A couple of kool trivia items:
The narrator was known as "The Voice of the Law" who defined both the DA's case at the beginning of the episode and pronounced the criminal's sentence at the end of the show. (A conceit picked up by rival radio / tv show Dragnet!)
Though several actors played Mr. District Attorney, the DA's secretary, Edith Miller, was played by the same actress, Vicki Vola, for the entire run of the show both on radio and tv (1939-1953)!
The comic book series, from which we draw our imagery, was packaged by the Bob Kane comic book studio. Bob Kane was the co-creator (with Bill Finger) of the most famous fictional detective of the 20th Century--The Batman!
We offer four different classic comic book crime-busting covers on items ranging from mugs to mousepads to t-shirts.
And, if attorneys aren't your thing, we also have Real Life Criminals, Police--the REAL Heroes!, Sherlock Holmes, Top Secret--Images without Words, All-True Detective Cases, Crimes by Women, Gangsters, Private Dicks, and G-Men T-Men & Spies!
Use them responsibly this Yuletide season, citizens!

BONUS: A FREE Christmas present, to you, our faithful readers: mp3s of the Mr District Attorney radio show!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Reading Room OUT OF THIS WORLD "Supermen"

Yes, you read the title correctly..."Supermen"!
But this tale from Charlton's Out of This World #3 (1957) isn't about your usual muscle-bound heroes...
After all, who said only human minds and bodies were being affected?
Written by Jack Oleck and illustrated by Steve Ditko, this oft-reprinted tale is one of only four stories the prolific Oleck scripted for Charlton...and all four were illustrated by Ditko!

Monday, November 30, 2015

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