Monday, December 14, 2015

Reading Room ADVENTURE COMICS "Adventurers' Club: Voodoo Lizards!"

Last Monday, we introduced you to Nelson Strong and the Adventurers Club...
This cover scene by Luis Dominguez does not appear in the comic!
...where the requirement for entry was a tale about an "exciting or unusual adventure".
This never-reprinted story from DC's Adventure Comics #427 (1973) could be considered either science fiction or fantasy with a horror twist.
Either way, writer John Albano and artist Jim Aparo did a great job evoking mood and telling a cohesive story in only 8 pages, eh?
Trivia: Luis Dominguez, who illustrated the cover above (the only cover the Adventurers' Club was ever featured on) took over the art for the next (and last) tale featuring the group.
You'll see it next Monday.

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