Monday, December 7, 2015

Reading Room ADVENTURE COMICS "Adventurers' Club: 'Scortch' Jordan's Tommy Gun"

The first ongoing feature during Adventure Comics' short-lived 1970s return to an anthology format...
...was this strip with a Boris Karloff-lookalike host.
It's unclear whether writer John Albano (who had been scripting Supergirl until it left Adventure) or Adventure Comics editor Joe Orlando conceived the series.
This never-reprinted tale clearly shows the "ghost" to be of non-supernatural origin, but later stories lean towards supernatural elements.
When The Spectre was reintroduced in Adventure, for a memorable run by Michael Fleisher and Jim Aparo, the cover title (though not indicia) became Weird Adventure Comics.
I mentioned the visual of the host, Nelson Strong, was "Karloff-esque".
Here's Karloff in his short lived-1950s tv series Colonel March of Scotland Yard.
Does he look like the inspiration for Nelson Strong?

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