Monday, August 31, 2015

Reading Room WORLDS UNKNOWN "Arena" Part 1

It's the sci-fi tale so nice, they adapted it twice...
...first on Outer Limits, then, two years later, on Classic Star Trek!
Will human ingenuity, cunning, and strength triumph?
Or will the alien win?
This extremely-faithful adaptation was created by writer Gerry Conway, penciler John Buscema, and inker Dick Giordano.
The short story it's based on, by Fredric Brown, first appeared in Street & Smith's Astounding Science Fiction (June, 1944).
It was voted one of the Top 20 Science Fiction Stories before 1965 by the Science Fiction Writers Association and included in the must-have (if you're a serious sci-fi fan) anthology Science Fiction Hall of Fame Vol 1: 1929-1964...which is still in print.
You can read the taut tale of terror HERE.

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