Monday, August 17, 2015

Reading Room VENUS COMICS "Thru the Lens"

Now this is how you tell a story in four pages... demonstrated by artist Joe Maneely, a talent who died long before his time, and an unknown writer.
Who knew the world could end so...simply?
BTW, did you note the alien astronomer got it wrong?
Our planet blew up, not our sun!
If I was his boss, I'd fire him!
Originally-published in Atlas' Venus Comics #16 (1951), the tale was reprinted in the back of Marvel's X-Men #88 (1974), while the book was a reprint title, about a year before its' resurrection as the All-New X-Men!
So, the odds are that you, dear reader, have never seen it before!
And that, is what this blog is all about, showing you "lost" treasures!
Be here tomorrow for more vintage fun!

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