Sunday, August 23, 2015

Give the Pop Culture Fan in Your Life a Customized 12-Month Calendar that Begins (and Ends) on Their Birthday Month!

Perfect for office, dorm, or bedroom!The IDEAL gift for the hard-to-please pop culture fan in your life (or yourself)!
And they can be customized for birthday months!
 You can customize any of these calendars to show, for example, September 2015 to September 2016 (if your birthday guy or gal has their natal day in September)...or give them a 2016 12-month calendar early!
Sherlock Holmes: the Greatest Sleuth of All!

Basil Rathbone IS Sherlock Holmes!
WereWolves and Vampires
Vampires of Pulps and Comics
Werewolves of the Comics and Pulps
Zombies of Comics and Pulps
Classic comic book and pulp magazine covers and movie posters, scanned from the originals and digitally-remastered and restored!

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