Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Reading Room MANHUNTER 2070 "Never Trust a Red-Haired Greenie" Conclusion

...tracking and capturing fugitive embezzler Milton Wallen on the planet Zoldar turns out to be the easy part as bounty hunter Starker also tries to recover the embezzled funds from the guys who fleeced Wallen in a crooked card game.
But there's a third pair involved in this hunt who neither Starker nor the criminals he's chasing are aware of...
The "buying public" apparently wasn't..buying, that is.
Not only was this tale by writer/penciler Mike Sekowsky and inker Frank Giacoia in DC's Showcase #93 (1970) the end of Starker's try-out run, but the end of Showcase as well.
But, just as Showcase was eventually revived (twice), Starker returned from the dead (twice) you'll see...

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