Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Reading Room JUDAS COIN "2087 AD: Manhunter 2070" Part 1

...a 1990 mini-series that "resolved" the story of Manhunter 2070...by killing him!
But, DC's continuity being what it is (or isn't) these days, it seems you can't keep an interplanetary bounty hunter dead for long.
In 2012, comics legend Walt Simonson wrote and illustrated a graphic novel...
The coin falls into the hands of various people throughout recorded history (including a number of both notable and almost-forgotten DC characters), the final chapter takes the reader to a near-future those who read our recent re-presentation have more than a passing familiarity with...
Looks like Starker learned his lesson from their previous encounter.
But things are not quite what they seem, as you'll see tomorrow!
The now out-of-print graphic novel is a fascinating look at a master at work.
Simonson does each chapter in a different style mirroring each part's differing time period.
The "future" chapter is rendered in a kool manga/anime "look", though still utilizing Walt's trademark storytelling techniques.
(Having his favorite letterer, John Workman, along, doesn't hurt!)
Simonson also adheres to original story continuity, inserting references to occurrences from the earlier tales and keeping the characters to their pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths personalities!
It's a helluva book, and well worth picking up at your local comics shop (or e-book provider) to read the complete tale!

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