Thursday, July 16, 2015

Norge Benson and the Penguins of Pluto

Yep, you read that right...
Pluto's inhabited by intelligent, talking penguins.
Lots of them!
Some are "hoodlums" who wear sweatshirts and newsboy caps and talk with thick Brooklyn accents!
Didn't know that, did you?
The Cosmo Corrigan strip proved to be less than a smash hit, so the editors retooled the concept, adding even more juvenile humor (plus a talking polar bear and penguins) and dropping the sexual innuendo and frat-boy antics, while renaming the lead "Norge Benson" and having him crash-land on Pluto, rather than simply being assigned there to get him out of his superiors' hair!
The new character was still what we politely call a "doofus", but Norge proved to be far more popular than Cosmo, lasting for almost two dozen appearances!
We've run four of his never-reprinted tales HERE, and we'll be presenting another on Friday!

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