Thursday, June 4, 2015

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "Gargoyle From the 5th Galaxy!"

Is this a kool cover, or what?
But, this sandals-wearing Jack Kirby-Christopher Rule scarlet alien isn't inside the comic!
Instead, we get a more humanoid, less "traditional" gargoyle-looking green alien!
To be fair, he does breathe fire, like the guy on the cover...
Plotted by Stan Lee, scripted by Larry Lieber and superbly-rendered by Don Heck, this tale from Atlas' World of Fantasy #19 (1959) was acutally a re-do of an earlier story (by Jack Kirby, no less), which we'll present tomorrow!
BTW, though the story was reprinted in the 1970s, the cover has never seen republication!

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