Monday, June 15, 2015

Reading Room KIDNAPPED BY A SPACE SHIP "Part 2 - Red Menace!"

Despite the miscolored hair and clothing, this is Jean Martin and Tom Pratt on the cover. the far-flung future of 1970 (Well, it was "far-flung" when this story was published in 1959!)
Tween-ager Jean Martin and her friend, Tom Pratt, are given a tour of experimental spaceship "Starlight II" by Jean's father, Colonel Martin, the ship's pilot.
The doors suddenly snap shut and the shop lifts off!
(Note: this is one time the kids didn't accidentally hit a switch or button, as usually happens in these stories!)
So why is this chapter called "Red Menace"?
Since there aren't any Communists in this tale from Treasure Chest V14N12 (1959), I'm presuming that one of the two celestial bodies they're approaching is red!
We'll see which one they land on when the story continues next Monday!
Writer Frances Crandall followed the accepted concepts of space travel postulated by scientist Wener Von Braun and, illustrated by Chesley Bonestell in various books and magazines like Conquest of Space, and popularized in numerous 1950s movies like Destination Moon and Angry Red Planet!
Artist Fran Matera was also the art director/art editor for Treasure Chest, but is best known for his long run on the Steve Roper and Mike Nomad newspaper strip.

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