Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reading Room: BROTHERS 3 "Battle of Ahmid Bey"

Why should we send thousands of troops to Iraq (again)...
...when all we needed in 1937-38 was three guys (one of whom wasn't an American) to hold off an entire Arab army?
According to Fatts Dugan, it wasnt even a "real fight"!
Y'know, come to think of it, where's the French Foreign Legion these days?
They used to be the world's premier desert fighters!
One of comics legend Will Eisner's earliest solo efforts, this one-shot was probably intended as an ongoing strip, but reader response was probably minimal as it wasn't colorful or exciting enough compared to the interplanetary adventures and fantasy tales in the same issue, so it wasn't continued.
BTW, though it was a one-shot, the story was published three times!
1) Comics Magazine Company's Funny Picture Stories V1N04 (1937)
2) Centaur's Amazing Mystery Funnies V1N02 (1938)
3) Able Manufacturing's Super-Dooper Comics #4 (1946)

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