Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reading Room FANTASY MASTERPIECES "I Became a Human Robot"

"Employing a style that combines decorative embellishment with crisp, clear, no-nonsense storytelling..."
"...this talented artisan (Joe Sinnott) has long been one of the most durable and dependable of illustrators." --Stan Lee
Note: this story was originally presented in Tales of Suspense #5 (1959), not Suspense, which was a 1940s-1950s Atlas comic based on the popular radio and TV anthology series of the same name!
In terms of the story itself, how did the scientists know the button on the robot's head would turn it on/off?
And, more importantly, why did the aliens put it there when they built the automaton?
Why not somewhere a little less obvious?
Since the writer is unknown, there's no way to ask him/her.
Joe Sinnott is best-known to Marvel fans as one of the slickest inkers ever, making great pencils look amazing, and salavaging mediocre pencils with his slick style.
Oddly, almost all his Silver Age pencil work was for other companies like Gold Key and Charlton, on licensed titles like 12 O'Clock High, religious-themed stories for Treasure Chest, and romance books, usually inked by Vince Colletta, who obliterated much of the detail work!
BTW, unlike the other Fantasy Masterpieces tales we've presented, this one was reprinted fairly recently, in Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense #1 (2006)
Tomorrow, another Silver Age stalwart shows us "how it's done".

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