Friday, April 10, 2015

Reading Room TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED "Cartoon That Came to Life"

Let's wind up the week with an off-beat tale...
Art by Nick Cardy
...that made the cover both times it was published!
Art by Bill Ely
...though I have to admit the original cover (above) is a bit dull compared to the reprint's cover (top)
Written by Otto Binder and illustrated by Bill Ely, it's a nicely-done story with one obvious question?
Why is the Martian called a "dragon-man"?
His wings are feathered and look more like a bird's...or even an angel's!
The new art for the cover of the reprint gives him scales and a beak so it's a little more like a dragon, but still...
Was the original concept much more lizard/dragon-looking, but the Comics Code Authority forced DC to "tone it down" to the rather innocuous-looking alien?
Trivia: This story was the cover feature both for its' original publication in Tales of the Unexpected #1 (1956) and the reprint in From Beyond the Unknown #24 (1970)

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