Thursday, April 9, 2015

Reading Room ROCKET TO THE MOON Conclusion

The first appearance of Maza of the Moon. Art by Robert A. Graef
...Held captive by P'an-Ku, Ted Dustin, along with scientist Shen Ho, plan their escape...
Note: May be NSFW due to racial stereotypes common to eras of both the original novel and the comic.
While there was the potential for one or more sequel stories to this "scientific romance", none was ever done either in prose or comic form.
However, the novel does fit into a "Kline-verse" that links it to OAK's other tales set on other worlds as show HERE.
This 1951 one-shot comic from Avon Comics , based on the novel Maza of the Moon by Otis Adelbert Kline, was scripted by Walter (The Shadow) Gibson and illustrated by Joe Orlando and Wally Wood.
Now that's a pop culture pedigree!

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