Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Reading Room MANHUNTER 2070 "D.O.A." Conclusion

Discovering the Brotherhood of Space has put a 100,000 credit bounty on him, Starker returns his two dinner dates to the safety of their home on Earth.
While en-route he tells the story of how he became a bounty hunter after pirates killed his asteroid miner father and took the then-teenage Starker to serve as a galley slave.
After a few months, he works up the courage to supplant the cook...
Script and pencils for this never-reprinted tale from DC's Showcase #92 (1970) are by Mike Sekowsky, with most inks provided by Frank Giacoia.
However, the last page is inked by Vince Colletta.
And the cover is inked by Dick Giordano.
Be back next month as we present the third (note, we didn't say final chapter) of Manhunter 2070...

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