Friday, March 27, 2015

TIME WARP WEEK "Union in Steel"

Welcome to the finale of Time Warp Week... we conclude our week-long look at DC's short-lived 1979-1980 sci-fi anthology.
Using both established pros and talented newcomers, this oversized anthology (68 pages for $1 when the standard comic was 36 pages for 40¢) presented all-new material, almost all of which (including this story) has never been reprinted!
The penciler on this tale, Don Newton, was one of the best of the fan-turned-pros of the 70s-80s.
Unfortunately, a heart attack cut his career and his life short and he passed in 1984.
BTW, most people don't realize he didn't break into comics until he was 40!
There's a really kool site dedicated to Don HERE.
Mike Kaluta, definitive artist for the comic version of The Shadow, provided pulp-style covers for the entire run.
While they had no relation to any of the stories in the book, they were spectacular!

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