Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reading Room TALES OF HORROR "It Came from the Bottom of the World"

A new movie, The DUFF, is opening on Friday...
...and one of the stars of the flick. Mae Whitman as Bianca, wears a shirt with a classic 1950s horror comic on it!
Art by Jack Sparling
Here's the story behind the cover...
This never-reprinted tale from Toby/Minoan's Tales of Horror #9 (1954) was illustrated by longtime journeyman artist Jack Sparling.
The writer is unknown.
Now, here's a kool treat:
While it's not the t-shirt seen in the movie (which has a home-made "look" that can be achieved with a color laser or inkjet printer and heat-transfer paper), we took our copy of the comic, scanned and digitally-remastered the cover, then put it on an assortment of kool kollectibles including this large tote bag... phone and e-reader cases, pajamas, magnets, and, of course, t-shirts, all at inexpensive prices.
(The t-shirts start at $14.95)
Click HERE to see them.
Plus, we have an extensive assortment of other horror comic collectibles (including a different Tales of Horror cover HERE.

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