Thursday, February 5, 2015

Reading Room NORGE BENSON "Gang of Hoodlum Penguins"

Let's return to frigid Pluto for another interplanetary adventure with... we discover that, some penguins on Pluto speak perfect English, and others talk with Brooklyn accents...just like on Earth!
Think I'm joking?
Read on...
So, what'd youse tink?
Or for dose, I mean "those", who don't speak Brooklynese..."What did you think?"
I'll warn you now, future installments only get loonier!
Illustrated by Al Walker, who spent his entire comics career at Fiction House, this second appearance in Planet Comics #13 (1941) presents a somewhat less snarky (though no less humorous) version of the "Earthman on Pluto" concept shown in the earlier Cosmo Corrigan strip, mixing alien versions of both Arctic and Antarctic animals with total disregard to anything even remotely resembling exobiology!
But it is fun, and that's all that matters!

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