Monday, February 2, 2015

Reading Room FOUR COLOR "Maybes About the Moon"

Since many of you are taking a "snow day" from school...
...we feel you should still have a little (somewhat) educational info input when you come in from making snow forts and having snowball fights!
This never-reprinted short from Dell's Four Color Comics #1253 (aka Space Man #1) appeared in 1962, just as our Mercury space program was getting under way, so it's a lot of speculation.
Illustrated by Jack Sparling, but the writer is unknown.
BTW, even though it appeared in Four Color Comics, it's in black and white because it appeared on the inside back cover.
The inside covers were printed with only one color, black instead of the four colors CYAN, YELLOW, MAGENTA, and BLACK (CYMK), that make up all the colors in standard comic printing, as a cost-saving measure!

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