Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Reading Room HILLBILLY COMICS "Man Who Hated the Moon"

Here's a tale of the good ol' boys who former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee calls "Bubbas"...
...from a short-lived 1950s title telling their stories!
Yep, these are the people Huckabee and other Republicans play to while decrying the "educated elites".
"Bubbleville', according to Mike, represents the big cities of New York, Washington and Hollywood where the educated (but not smart) people live.
"Bubbaville", I guess, is everywhere else in the good ol' USA.
And that's where the real people are.
The ones who are smart...without all that fancy book-learnin'. 
Written and illustrated by the highly-underrated Art Gates, this never-reprinted piece from Charlton's Hillbilly Comics #1 (1955) shows the "wisdom" Huckabee's bubbas are famous for!

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