Saturday, January 3, 2015

Reading Room KEN BRADY: ROCKET PILOT "Pirates of the Airways"

Here's a never-reprinted tale of high adventure in the 21st Century...
...from the co-creator of Superman and the definitive artist of Dracula!
This tale from Ziff-Davis' Lars of Mars #10* (1951) was written by Jerry Siegel and illustrated by Gene Colan.
Like the book he appeared in, Captain Ken Brady only made two appearances.
The "Police in Space" genre was incredibly-popular during the early 1950s with numerous tv shows and comic books dedicated to military and para-military organizations defending us from alien menaces!
*Though it's number "10", this was actually the first issue of Lars of Mars.
We're not sure which other Ziff-Davis title's numbering this run continues from.

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