Monday, November 3, 2014

It's Almost Thanksgiving! Bring on the Turkeys!

This November, some of the RetroBlogs are presenting what could charitably be called...turkeys.
(Actually, this story may well qualify for one of the entries, but right now it's a kool graphic...)
We're talking the worst of the worst.
Stories and/or art that are so awful, so inane, they're not even shown on the 'Net, just talked-about in whispers!
In fact they're so bad they've never been reprinted, and probably never will be!
Confirmed so far are...
 The comic adaptation of the awful movie Conan the Destroyer in Secret Sanctum of Captain Video!
(We were gonna run the comic book adaptation of Howard the Duck, but even we have our limits!)
In Hero Histories you'll see the three-part tale that introduced the Blackhawks as super-heroes working for a spy organization!
BTW, they're from the same era as the Dracula and Frankenstein superhero incarnations we just ran!
And, Marvel's disco-themed follow-up to the success of Dazzler written by Stan (the Man) Lee himself...Night Cat, in Heroines!
Bring the sweet potatoes and biscuits 'cause, beginning this week, we have the turkeys!

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