Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Reading Room WEIRDWORLD "An Ugly Mirror on WeirdWorld"

And so the saga begins...
...with this never-reprinted tale tucked away in the back of the one-shot Marvel Super Action #1 (1976).
You may note two of the pages are scans of the original art, not the printed book.
Whenever possible, we'll run originals because, quite frankly, some of the printed pages had serious flaws.
The tale, by writer Doug Moench and artist Mike Ploog might have remained simply a one-off, except for the first Lord of the Rings movie.
The animated film (which adapted both Fellowship of the Ring and most of Two Towers) generated an amazing amount of fan interest, resulting in a complete reprinting of JRR Tolkein's entire output, as well as publishers looking to capitalize on the revived interest in mystical fantasy.
Marvel, seeing a potential series in WeirdWorld, offered Moench and Ploog a color try-out, which you'll see tomorrow.

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