Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reading Room SUPERNATURAL THRILLERS "Headless Horseman Rides Again!" Conclusion

We Have Already Seen...
Upstate New York crime lord "Bones" Bullinger murdered reporter Matt Carter to stop the newspaperman's investigations into the underworld.
But Carter's widow, Kim, and his best friend, private eye Duke Durbano, kept the investigation going.
So "Bones" hired NYC hitmen to kill the pair.
The assassins failed (though they don't know it) and "Bones" (in an elaborate disguise) is about to eliminate them...
Written by Gary Friedrich at the same time as he was co-creating the flaming-skulled, motorcyclist known as Ghost Rider, this tale from Marvel's Supernatural Thrillers #6 (1973) was left open-ended with the possibility of the Horseman returning as a "Spirit of Vengeance" to deal with other criminals.
Note: 1973-75 featured the appearances of several avenging supernatural characters including Ghost Rider, Son of Satan, Man-Thing, Scarecrow (aka Straw Man), and the return of The Spectre in extremely-gruesome (for the Comics Code era) tales.
Illustrated by penciler George Tuska and inker Jack Abel, both of whom worked in comics during the horror comics era and were quite familiar with how to tell a terrifying tale!

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