Friday, October 24, 2014

Reading Room SPACEHAWK "Pirates of Uranus"

If there was ever a space adventurer who experienced Halloween ever day of his career, it was...
...with aliens and monsters that even today's special effects would be hard-pressed to match!
If this story from Novelty's Target Comics #10 (1940) looks a little odd, there's a good reason for it.
Archival Press released a SpaceHawk trade paperback in 1978.
Though the book itself featured b/w line art interiors and a color cover, Archival made a deal with Marvel to provide Epic Illustrated a SpaceHawk story in color to accompany an article by Ron Goulart about Basil Wolvertont.
Unfortunately, Epic only gave them 8 pages, so the 10-page story had to be edited to fit the page count.
Be here Monday to see the original longer version of the story.
BTW, the hand-coloring, which was photographically-color separated (they didn't have scanners then), was done by Rick Veitch.
It has a wonderful "organic" feel computer coloring just can't match.

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