Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin WIlliams (1951-2014)

He could've played it safe.
He could've just done schitck, and made an easy fortune.
Instead, he took creative chances no one else dared to do, like this...
"I yam what I yam" said it all for this one-of-a-kind talent.


  1. A bit of a shocker. He was the last person I'd have thought would take his own life. (Just shows you what I know.) His work lives on 'though.

  2. I agree. This is my favorite Robin Williams role. To my mind this movie is exceedingly underrated, and it's success is because of the (believe it or not) understated (relatively speaking) performance by Williams.

    He inhabits Popeye as does Shelley Duvall as Olive.

    Rip Off


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