Saturday, July 26, 2014

Reading Room SUPERSNIPE "Strong Medicine" Conclusion

Attending a local carnival with his friend Roxy Adams: Girl Guerilla, SuperSnipe is tricked by look-alike Duper Dan into impersonating the midget performer on stage to give the criminal carny an unbreakable alibi while he commits a robbery.
But Roxy smells a rat...
Note that SuperSnipe finally wears an actual costume rather than his grandfather's woolen long-johns and father's lodge cape.
But, ironically, because this was the final issue of his series, he never got to wear it again!
Written and illustrated by George Marcoux, this never-reprinted story from SuperSnipe Comics V5N1 (1949) marked the character's final appearance in his own strip, though he also popped up in his secret identity of Koppy McFad in the other stories starring his supporting cast.

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