Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reading Room: SPACE SQUADRON "Destination: Oblivion"

The Psychedelic '60s are either a little early or a little late...
...for this never-reprinted 1951 story that took place in the then far-flung future of 2000!
Letting Edgar go unpunished despite risking numerous lives was, unfortunately, a typical plot point both in this series, and in later juvenile space-based comics and tv shows like Lost in Space, where, if anyone had any sense, they would've tossed Dr Smith out an airlock without a space suit after his first attempt to kill them...
This "trip through the mind's eye" from Atlas' Space Squadron #5 (1952) was illustrated by Allen Bellman, one of Timely/Atlas' in-house staff for over a decade.
He's still around, and will be at San Diego this weekend, so stop by his table!
The writer is unknown.

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