Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reading Room EERIE ADVENTURES "Vampires from Venus"

It's hot and steamy outside...
...perfect weather for a tale about an invasion by aliens from a hot and steamy planet!
This 1951 tale combining Triffids (from the novel Day of the Triffids which had just been published) and vampires (with their classic weakness, sunlight) from the Ziff-Davis one-shot Eerie Adventures was illustrated by Bob Powell and Howard Nostrand.
The writer is unknown.

Eerie Adventures used leftover material from the recently-cancelled Amazing Adventures with an attempt to market it as horror rather than sci-fi/fantasy.
Only one issue was published as the title was dropped by Ziff-Davis to avoid legal action by Avon who already had an ongoing Eerie comics title.
ZD then did a Weird Adventures one-shot, which sold well, but discovered there was already a title with the same name from PL Publishing which debuted the month before!
So ZD retitled their book Weird Thrillers, before PL could take legal action.
The series ran five more issues before the Dr Wertham-led Seduction of the Innocent witch-hunt forced the cancellation of almost all horror-related comic books.
(Ironically, the PL series only ran two more issues before the entire company folded.)

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