Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Reading Room: Flying Saucers x Four #1 "Secret of the Flying Saucer"

In the old days (pre-Silver Age), comic books recycled plots every few years...
Art by Bill Everett
...since the target audience changed every few years!
Let's see how one specific concept was re-used over a decade by one publisher.
Exhibit #1 is this tale...
Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Fred Kida, this never-reprinted, pre-Comics Code tale from Atlas' Men's Adventures #21 (1953) is definitely more "horror" than "sci-fi".
That's to be expected since this was the era of horror comics' greatest popularity, before the Congressional witchhunts and claims of comics causing juvenile delinquency.
Stan Lee would reuse the concept of a sentient spaceship meeting hapless humans several more we shall see tomorrow!

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