Sunday, April 13, 2014

Best of Reading Room SPACEHAWK "Creeping Death from Neptune"

How could you not want to read a story with a title like that?
Plus: story and art by the unique (to put it mildly) Basil Wolverton!
This premiere appearance from Novelty's Target Comics V1 N5 (1940), written and illustrated by Wolverton, was just the tip of the iceberg!
SpaceHawk "unmasked" a couple of issues later, but the legend was already well-established, and the fact he was a "mere" human who could take down aliens several times his size and strength only made him even more fearsome to his foes...

BTW, we're packing to make the move to a new home (almost double the size of our current digs), so some of the posts over the next two weeks (like this one) will be "Best of..." re-presentations mixed in with some new ones (like on Easter).
Things will be back to normal by the beginning of May.

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