Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in Letterbox on Blu-Ray?

The Shadow Knows...
Almost 20 years after its theatrical release (has it really been that long?) and 15 after its release on DVD in a pan-and-scan version, The Shadow is finally getting a letterbox release! from Shout! Factory.
(Note: I do have the laserdisc and the Academy Award screener VHS, which are letterbox (and the laserdisc has DTS stereo), but I've been waiting for a DVD edition.
Unfortunately, this is Blue-Ray only, so I'll have to ask a friend in England to send me the British DVD, which is letterbox.)
The somewhat-sparse extras include new interviews with Alec Baldwin, Penelope Ann Miller, Tim Curry, director Russell Mulcahy, production designer Joseph Nemec, III, director of photography Stephen H. Burum and writer David Koepp, plus the original trailer.
Sadly, no commentaries, and they didn't even include the rather cheesy, yet kool Taylor Dane music video...
Ah, well...
BTW, the complete, never-reprinted, two-issue comic adaptation of the movie by Michael Kaluta is on our brother RetroBlog Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™ .
Even though the script is fairly close to the movie (with a new framing sequence), visually, it's a totally-different experience!

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