Monday, March 31, 2014

Reading Room CONQUEROR COMICS "Conquerors"

Easily one of the weirdest strips ever...
...from the only issue of the only comic this publisher ever produced!
What did the creators of this series have in mind?
It takes place on another world where long-dead people from Earth's past are now apparently immortal and can manipulate time itself!
In addition, it seems that every ethnic group has set itself up on their own planet...which begs the question as to how they would get there, since none of these groups had the technology for space travel!
Is it Heaven?
Unlikely, since Adolph Hitler is there!
Plus, the locals say the astronauts can't remove their helmets and breathe the air or they'll be unable to return to Earth!
Illustrated by Warren King, and scripted by an unknown writer, this lead story from the one and only issue of Conqueror Comics (1945) never had a sequel.
In fact, the publisher, Albrecht Publishing, never produced another comic!
In most cases like this, unused material would be sold off to another publisher who would use it as "filler", somewhere in their comics...but not Albrecht!
So we'll never know what would've happened to Bill and John Cotter as they explored this weird part of space/time!

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