Friday, March 7, 2014

Reading Room ATOMIC WAR! "Sneak Attack" Conclusion

On a quiet night in 1960, the Soviet Union launched a treacherous attack on the United States utilizing nuclear weaponry.
Though caught off-guard due to Commie sleeper agents disabling most of NORAD's Distant Early Warning System, America's armed forces swing into action...
In reality, a mid-air burst would be as effective, if not more so, than a nuclear bomb hitting the ground, with the electro-magnetic pulse effectively destroying all electronics and a shock wave unobstructed by buildings or geographic features.
From the New York Journal-American Archive at the University of Texas

This 1952 tale launched the short-lived Atomic War comic book series, which presented a remarkably-consistent "future" world of 1960 with it's own continuity.
Illustrated by Ken Rice, this premiere tale from Ace's Atomic War! #1 (1952) establishes the premise and leaves the reader shell-shocked.
You can read even more Atomic War tales HERE!


  1. Hello I have a set of 1950s atomic air burst posters of streets of London before and after the air burst explosions . Can you tell me if they are of any value
    Thank you
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    1. Without seeing them, it's impossible to tell.
      Have you posted scans of them anywhere?


Thanx for posting!

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