Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Birthday to the REAL Captain Kirk!

Chris Pine is a decent replacement, but... Sean Connery IS the one, true James Bond, William Shatner IS Captain James T Kirk!
If any proof be needed...
BTW, Trivia Point: The photo above features Captain Kirk vs...Captain Midnight!
Richard Webb (Finney in "Court Martial" was tv's Captain Midnight in the 1950s)


  1. I'd go along with that, Britt, as regards Kirk. As for Bond 'though, while Connery was definitely '60s Bond, Moore was the man for the '70s in my humble opinion.

    On another matter, Britt, I was wanting to reciprocate your joining my blog by joining yours, however, there's a problem. If I join Google + to do so, I can't open independent windows on my computer as everything is joined by Google +. Is there anyway you can have the old-fashioned members' box I can join?

    1. If you go to your "My Blogs" page on Blogger, you'll see an "add" button under the "Reading List" header below your own blogs.
      Just click on that, add , and automation should do the rest!

    2. I've already got your blog on my blog list and have had for a while, Britt. What I'm talking about is being a 'follower' with my avatar in a little box, the same way as you are on mine.

  2. OK, go to the Reading List, click the gear icon on the right side of the list.
    Then, click Settings next to the blog you'd like to manage, in this case, mine.
    You can change whether you'd like to follow publicly or privately.
    I suspect you're following "privately".
    That's why your icon isn't showing up.
    Set it to "publicly" and your icon should become visible in the "follower" box without your having to do the Google + hassle.
    That's what I did to show up on your blog!

  3. Perhaps it's different in some way over here, Britt. I follow all my blogs publicly, but my avatar never shows up automatically on the followers list. I always have to join that separately. However, I'll give what you say a try.


Thanx for posting!

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