Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reading Room: SPACE SQUADRON "Space Demons"

Life in the year 2000 was perilous indeed...
...or so it was said 49 years earlier, when this story from Atlas' Space Squadron #3 (1951) appeared!
Letting Edgar go unpunished despite risking numerous lives was, unfortunately, a typical plot point both in this series, and in later juvenile space-based comics and tv shows like Lost in Space, where, if anyone had any sense, they would've tossed Dr Smith out an airlock without a space suit after his first attempt to kill them...
Illustrated by George Tuska who later became the final artist on the original Buck Rogers comic strip (1959-67) and then assumed the art duties for almost a decade on Marvel's Invincible Iron Man, this was a typical tale of Atlas' resident space hero of the early 1950s.
The writer is unknown, but the scripting is clearly more simplistic and juvenile-oriented than the relatively more-sophisticated Speed Carter several years later.

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