Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reading Room MONKEY PLANET "Part 1"

There have been numerous comic adaptations of the Planet of the Apes movies...
...and even the short-lived tv series, as we've shown HERE, but there had never been a graphic novel version of the original novel, which is quite different from any of the live or animated adventures in English!
Written and illustrated by Ernő Zórád, this 1981 Hungarian one-shot adaptation of the original French novel by Pierre Boule has never been officially-published in English.
But, thanks to the fine work of Kyriee (Scans), Swatura Od (translation) and Avoros (scripting), we're finally able to understand this tale in English.
Thanks, guys.
BTW, both the 1970s animated series and the 2001 remake took more elements from the book than the 1960s-70s films or the recent reboot movie series.

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