Friday, February 7, 2014

Reading Room ALARMING TALES Behind the Scenes of "Half-Man, Half-What?"

Here's yesterday's tale...
...but from the original Matt Baker/Al Williamson art!
Note the areas "whited out", probably at the request of the Comics Code Authority!
BTW, note that in the story, Dr Talbot's right side is altered, but on the cover, his left side is affected!
Let's look closely at that final panel...
Dr Talbot's right side has been totally-whited out.
Was it still metallic?
And his face originally wasn't happy!
Did the original ending show him at the beginning of the process, wondering if it would succeed, and leaving the door open for a sequel if it didn't?
Was the Comics Code Authority responsible for the odd changes?
We'll never know...


  1. hello Britt Reid
    how did find scans of the original art to alarming tales? did you own the originals? thanks

  2. I don't own the original art.
    Came across scans of it on a couple of sites, then combined the sets to make the complete story.

  3. I see, I own the OA bought from eBay many years ago. Baker & Williamson 1st and only project.

  4. Too bad there's no way to see what's under the white-out without removing the art over it...


Thanx for posting!