Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Reading Room TREASURY OF PIRATE LORE "Origin of the Buccaneer"

Ever wonder where the term "buccaneer" came from?
This interesting bit of historical trivia appeared in, of all places, Charlton's Soldier & Marine Comics #14 (1955).
However, that was not the first time it saw print!
Previously, it was the inside front cover of Fox's Variety Comics 1950 one-shot which took several unsold comics and bound them together under a new cover!
Note: Inside covers were two-color, instead of the usual four-color used for covers and actual comic pages.
In this case, the second color was Magenta, one of the four colors used in standard printing.
BTW, note the changes in the first and second captions between the Comics Code-approved top version and the earlier non-Code-approved version at bottom!
Boy, were they squeamish in those days!
Be here tomorrow when we'll have some more pirate-themed stuff during our celebration of the new pirate/adventure series Black Sails!

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