Saturday, January 4, 2014

Reading Room TALES TO ASTONISH "I Found the Abominable SnowMan" Part 1

Continuing our series of frozen-themed posts...'s one of the coolest (literally) giant monster tales from the final days of Atlas Comics' pre-Marvel Universe Tales to Astonish! told by the master himself, Jack Kirby, assisted by inker Dick Ayers!
Be Here Tomorrow...
...when things get even hairier for Victor Cartwright!
(Sorry, couldn't resist!)
Unfortunately, there's no available record (or even consensus among experts) as to who wrote this snow-bound story from Tales to Astonish #24 (1961).
But, if you haven't read this tale previously, the conclusion does have a couple of suprising developments!

BTW, when we said this was from the "final days" of the pre-Marvel Universe Atlas Comics, we weren't kidding!
The very next month saw the debut of Fantastic Four #1, launching the Marvel Age of Comics!

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