Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reading Room STRANGE TALES "When a Planet Dies!"

The current "deep freeze" reminded me of the splash panel from this story...
...from Marvel's Weird Wonder Tales #22 (1973), which was actually a reworking of this (literally) cool story from Strange Tales #97 (1962)!
While the art is clearly-credited to Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers, who wrote it is not entirely clear.
A number of people, myself included, think it's scripted by Kirby himself.
Bonus: Here's the cover from a previous issue of Weird Wonder Tales that supplied the Dr Druid figure on the reworked splash page...
Art by Jack Kirby, John Romita (Dr Druid's face) and Joe Sinnott
 ...and here's the original art for the splash page!
The production artist "flipped" a stat of the Druid figure and fit it where the bearded aliens are on the original.

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